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Watersport Hot Spots around Essaouira, Morocco

Morocco is fast becoming a haven for water sports enthusiasts, with kitesurfers, surfers, and windsurfers all flocking to the country’s north coast.

The area around the ancient fortified town of Essaouira is heralded as the place to be when it comes to enjoying high swells and high winds, as well as getting involved with the area’s growing community of surfers.

But depending on your sport, there are several beaches you can go to that are all close to Essaouira and offer different experiences. Although it is safe to say that almost any water sport can be enjoyed on most beaches.

Make room for beginners.

Essaouira Beach is arguably the largest and most popular beach in the area. That is why you will often encounter people who are going surfing or kitesurfing for the first time. The often mild winds give beginners plenty of room to learn, but also let the regulars enjoy decent waves.

There is also a veritable network of cafes and bars on the beach where water sports enthusiasts regularly talk about the surfing days.

The surfers’ paradise

Safi Beach, which is close to Essaouira Beach, enjoys stronger winds and excellent swells, which is why you will find so many surfers in Morocco who go to this particular beach.

Tackle La Grotte with your kiteboard.

A ten-mile journey from Essaouira takes you to a remote spot on the coast known locally as La Grotte (the cave). Here, the big waves make kitesurfing perfect because you have enough air time to perfect your tricks with the board. It is rarely crowded, which is why regulars enjoy the place so much.

Whatever extreme water sports you prefer, the coast around Essaouira will accommodate you. Explora Morocco offers lessons for beginners and equipment for more experienced kitesurfers, windsurfers, and surfers.