Fiji Water Sports

South Pacific-Water Sports in Fiji

There are so many things to do in Fiji that there simply wouldn’t be time to see and do everything in a few days. The best way to see Fiji is to spend a few weeks there, but it’s even better if you can afford to stay for a month or even longer.

The most striking feature of Fiji is its water. There are beautiful beaches, coral reefs, atolls, lagoons, lakes, rivers, and waterfalls that look like they came from paradise and much more. For this reason, Fiji’s water sports are among the best in the world.

To dive

Diving in Fiji is very popular. Beginners can often be seen around the beaches, diving near the reefs and rocks and exploring all the undersea life. You can dive off the coast or into some of the inland lagoons and even lakes that offer a huge diversity of marine life to watch in awe.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving is a little more intense, but anyone can learn the basics with a few days of instruction. You will spend most of your time with an experienced diver and deep sea guide, who will teach you all about the marine encounters you are likely to have. You will learn all about marine life, tides, currents, the ocean, lagoons, and lakes. You will also be exposed to a lot of history as Fiji has several famous shipwrecks, all of which can be dived into and explored. Who knows, you might even find a treasure chest!

Deep sea diving tours in Fiji also offer shark encounters in special cages and swimming with dolphins. For the extra adventurous, it is also possible to learn to dive for pearls, and it is even possible to obtain a diving instruction certificate after a hundred hours of diving experience. Paragliding

Paragliding or paragliding is also a fantastic way to see Fiji. Tied to the back of a speedboat with a parachute, you’ll soar 300m high in the air, taking in sweeping views of the ocean, islands, and the silvery sands in between.

Boating & Jet Skiing

There are plenty of boating opportunities in Fiji. You can rent a small private boat for just a few friends, take some public boats to certain popular islands, take a glass bottom boat to see the reefs, rent pedal boats, row boats, go fishing on a boat-the boats are endless.

Jet skiing is also a very popular activity in Fiji. There are solo and 2-person jet skis, and you can really experience the best waves this way, or dash down a river or over a lagoon.

Surfing and friends

Surfing, banana boating, wakeboarding, water skiing, and sailing are all options up for grabs in Fiji. Each of these activities is very affordable, and you can rent all the equipment for the day or buy your own. You can even take classes in all of these activities all year round. The weather in Fiji is always perfect.

Matt loves the warm weather and beaches of Fiji and has put together lots of Fiji travel tips for you, as well as tips for travelling to the Yasawa Islands, which are his favourite part because they are cheap and beautiful.