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Best Places For Surfing Without Sharks

Best Places For Surfing Without Sharks

Dreams do come true for surfers who want to ride the waves without worrying about shark attacks! Here are the top 5 best places for surfing without sharks:

  1. Tofino, Canada – Ideal surfing conditions, with shark-free waters.
  2. New Smyrna Beach, Florida – Despite occasional sightings, it’s a great spot for shark-free surfing.
  3. Cocoa Beach, Florida – Warm waters and consistent waves. Sharks tend to avoid crowded beaches.
  4. Muizenberg Beach, South Africa – Perfect for both beginners and experienced surfers. Shark nets and patrols keep them safe in the water.
  5. Raglan, New Zealand – World-famous with long, rolling waves. No recent shark sightings.

Pro-tip: Always research local shark activity alerts before going out!


Hawaii is the ultimate surfing spot for many passionate wave riders across the globe. Its pleasant waters and legendary waves make it a must-visit for surfers. But, the most significant factor for surfers is the absence of sharks. It’s a known fact that the waters of Hawaii are nearly shark-free, thus making it the ideal surfing location for those who want to hit the waves stress-free.

Let’s take a closer look at Hawaii and why it is the ideal surfing place for shark-haters.

North Shore, Oahu

Experience some of the biggest, most consistent waves in the world at North Shore, Oahu – sans shark attacks! Here are the best surf spots to enjoy:

  1. Waimea Bay – big waves for experienced surfers.
  2. Banzai Pipeline – tube-like waves here.
  3. Sunset Beach – good for intermediate and advanced surfers.
  4. Haleiwa Beach Park – reef break for all skill levels.

Surfing at North Shore, Oahu is great for pros and amateurs alike. Pro tip – obey local beach rules and stay safe!

Hanalei Bay, Kauai

Hanalei Bay in Kauai, Hawaii is a surfer’s paradise! Here’s why:

  • It’s on the north shore of Kauai and protected by a coral reef.
  • This makes the waters calm and perfect for surfing – even for beginners.
  • Plus, the long, rolling waves break over a sandy bottom. This reduces the chance of sharks being there.
  • And, the consistent waves and stunning scenery make it a popular spot for surfers and tourists.

So if you’re looking for a safe and beautiful place to surf in Hawaii, Hanalei Bay is the place to go!

Honolua Bay, Maui

Honolua Bay in Maui is renowned for its sparkling waters and grand surf breaks. It’s the ideal spot for surfing without sharks in Hawaii. Boasting delightful reef formations and tranquil waters, it’s perfect for surfers of all abilities.

Here are some tips for surfing in Honolua Bay:

  • Check surf reports and weather prior to going out.
  • Respect the locals and follow surf etiquette.
  • Take the right board and gear for the conditions.
  • Stay conscious of your surroundings and watch out for other surfers.
  • If you’re not a pro, think about taking lessons from a reliable instructor.

Whether you’re a rookie or a master, Honolua Bay offers an unparalleled surfing experience that you won’t forget soon!

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is perfect for those who want to surf without worrying about sharks. It has sunny and warm weather all year long. Its coasts on the Pacific and Caribbean are full of safe spots with awesome waves, great for experienced or beginner surfers. Wanna know where to surf without sharks in Costa Rica? Keep reading!


Head to Costa Rica’s Pavones for the ultimate surfing experience! It’s one of the best places, free of sharks and famous for its 2 km long left-hand wave – the longest in the country. April to October is the best time to surf as the waves are biggest. The water temperature is ideal for year-round surfing – ranging from 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Pavones suits all levels of surfers – from beginners to pros! Other activities like fishing, hiking and horse riding are available too. So what are you waiting for? Grab your board and get ready for the waves!

Playa Grande

Playa Grande in Costa Rica is a surfing paradise – no sharks here! The waves are consistent and the scenery? Breathtaking. Surfers come from all over the world to this beach. Here’s why:

  • No sharks: Between 6pm and 6am, the beach is off-limits – that’s when sharks are most active.
  • Great waves: Perfect for surfers of all levels – beach breaks and reef breaks.
  • Beautiful location: Marino Las Baulas National Park – home to monkeys, crocs, and 174 species of birds!
  • Pro Tip: Visit between December and March for the biggest, most consistent waves.

Witch’s Rock

Witch’s Rock is a legendary surf spot in Costa Rica. It’s known for waves that never stop and for its shark-free waters. That makes it one of the best places to surf without sharks. It’s located within the Santa Rosa National Park. To get there, you need a boat or a plane. That adds to its exclusivity and charm.

Plus, it has an impressive rock formation that juts out of the sea. That makes the surf break unique and challenging. It’s great for surfers of all levels. Witch’s Rock is also home to a range of marine life such as dolphins, whales, and sea turtles.

It’s a bucket-list destination for surfers and adventure seekers around the world. Witch’s Rock offers an amazing surfing experience in a stunning, protected natural environment.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia – surfers’ dream! No sharks here. It’s renowned for its heavenly waves, gorgeous scenery, and welcoming locals. Perfect for learning to surf, or a surfing vacay. Gaze at its postcard-worthy coastline and crystal-clear waters.

Ready to learn more about the best spots in Bali for shark-free surfing? Keep reading!

Bukit Peninsula

Surfers, go to Bukit Peninsula – Bali, Indonesia! It has some of the world’s best surfing spots with consistent waves and warm water year-round. Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Bingin Beach, Balangan Beach, and Dreamland Beach – pick your spot! Beginners and pros are welcome. Plus, there’s snorkeling, diving and beach relaxation. Sharks? Don’t worry, they’re not invited. So, pack up and get ready for a fantastic surf adventure!


Medewi in Bali, Indonesia is a surfer’s paradise! It’s renowned for its unique geography and climate conditions, making it one of the best places to surf without sharks. Located on the western coast, Medewi enjoys consistent swell with wave heights ranging from 2 to 15 feet. That’s why it should be on every surfer’s bucket list!

Here’s why:

  • Beginners and intermediates can enjoy the long stretch of sandy beach break.
  • Advanced surfers will love the challenging reef break.
  • And no worries about shark encounters!

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to bring your own surfboard and equipment – rentals are limited in the area.


Canggu in Bali, Indonesia is an amazing place for surfers! Sharks won’t bother you here. Here are the 3 best surf spots:

  1. Echo Beach – For intermediate to advanced surfers. It has powerful reef breaks all year round.
  2. Batu Bolong Beach – Suited for beginners and longboarders. Soft, slow-moving waves await!
  3. Berawa Beach – Popular among intermediate surfers. Fast waves! But it can get crowded, so try to surf early or at sunset.

Pack your sunscreen and don’t forget this unforgettable experience!


Australia – the perfect surf paradise for those seeking a shark-free surf adventure! Unpopulated shores, iconic world-renowned surf spots – it’s got it all! This article will highlight the top Australian surf spots that are completely shark-free. Enjoy the waves, sans sharks!

Byron Bay, New South Wales

Byron Bay, in New South Wales, Australia, is a surfer’s dream! Its miles of coastline give perfect waves for all levels. Main Beach, Clarkes Beach, Wategos Beach, and The Pass all offer great surfing spots.

Aside from the coast, the area also has lots of other attractions. Hiking in the nearby national parks, kayaking, and delicious seafood restaurants are just some of the things to do.

Plus, Byron Bay’s location gives warm water and a mild climate all year round, making it an ideal spot for surfing no matter what time of year.

Pro tip: Before heading out to surf, make sure to check the local surf reports and tides, and keep an eye on the weather conditions for maximum safety.

Noosa Heads, Queensland

Noosa Heads in Queensland, Australia is the perfect spot to surf without worrying about sharks! Famous for its long and consistent waves, it’s great for surfers of all levels.

The best spots include: First Point, Sunshine Beach, Little Cove and Boiling Pot.

  • First Point has slow, smooth waves
  • Sunshine Beach has a range of waves
  • Little Cove is secluded and peaceful
  • Boiling Pot is fast and powerful

Noosa Heads is a surf paradise, with other outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking and whale watching. Don’t forget to check the weather and tide before heading out – safety first!

Margaret River, Western Australia

Margaret River, located south of Perth, Western Australia, is a surfing paradise! It has 40+ spots for all levels of surfers.

For example:

  1. Surfer’s Point – World-renowned with waves up to 20 feet high.
  2. Main Break – Powerful, but crowded.
  3. Cowaramup Bay – Perfect for beginners, gentle waves and sandy bottom.

Plus, plenty of surf schools and camps offering lessons, rentals, and more – ideal for all!


Portugal – a hotspot for surfing sans sharks! People from around the globe make their way to the Portuguese coast. They come for its warm and pleasant waters. Plus, the surf conditions here are great for every level of surfer. The clear waters, mild temperatures, and stunning beaches make it obvious why Portugal is such a popular shark-free surfing spot.


Lagos, Portugal is a highly sought after spot for surfing. Its tranquil waters and lack of sharks make it a great place for both newbies and experts.

Here are the top surfing areas in Lagos:

  • Praia do Camilo: This beach has soft waves, making it perfect for beginners. Additionally, it’s also a popular spot for snorkeling and diving.
  • Praia do Amado: It has regular waves, making it ideal for intermediate and experienced surfers. Also, surf competitions happen here throughout the year.
  • Praia da Luz: It has a sandbar which creates excellent waves. High tide is best for surfing. It’s also great for kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding.
  • Meia Praia: It has long, spacious waves. Longboarders love it here. Windsurfing and kitesurfing are also popular due to its regular winds.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to check the weather and tides before surfing. Consider taking a surf lesson too if you’re a beginner.


Nazare, Portugal is a top spot for surfing without sharks. Its underwater topography and lack of shark populations make it ideal. Its massive waves attract surfers from all over the world. The unique Nazare Canyon creates a funneling effect that boosts wave size and power, making them the biggest in the world. The canyon’s depth and shape keep sharks and other dangerous marine life away.

Nazare is the perfect destination for surfers who want to take their sport to the next level.

Pro Tip: Check weather and wave conditions before surfing Nazare. The powerful waves can be dangerous for beginners.


Peniche is a little fishing town on the west coast of Portugal. It’s become a surfer’s paradise, as one of the best places for surfing without sharks. The beaches are exposed to consistent swells, perfect for all levels of surfers.

Supertubos, Lagide, Cantinho da Baia and Almagreira are some of the best spots. They offer different experiences and are suitable for different skill levels.

Plus, Peniche has a range of surf schools and shops. You can rent or buy equipment and get lessons from experienced instructors.

The cliffs and landscapes make Peniche ideal for nature lovers. There’s diverse marine life too!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best places for surfing without sharks?

Some of the best places for surfing without sharks include Hawaii, Australia’s Gold Coast, Costa Rica, Bali, and Portugal’s Algarve Coast.

2. What precautions should I take while surfing in areas with sharks?

If you’re surfing in areas with sharks, it’s best to avoid wearing flashy jewelry or brightly-colored wetsuits, as these can attract sharks to you. Additionally, try to stay in groups and avoid surfing during dawn and dusk, which are peak feeding times for sharks.

3. Can I learn how to surf in areas without sharks?

Yes, absolutely! There are plenty of surfing schools and instructors that offer lessons in areas without sharks. Just be sure to do your research ahead of time to identify the best locations.

4. What are some of the benefits of surfing in areas without sharks?

Aside from the obvious benefit of avoiding potentially dangerous encounters with sharks, surfing in areas without sharks can be a more relaxing and enjoyable experience overall. You’ll be able to focus on the waves and your technique without constantly worrying about what’s lurking beneath the surface.

5. What’s the best time of year for surfing in areas without sharks?

The best time of year for surfing in areas without sharks will vary depending on the location. Generally, though, the best surfing conditions are often found during the summer months when the weather is warm and the water is calm.

6. Are there any other water sports I can enjoy in areas without sharks?

Absolutely! In addition to surfing, there are a ton of other water sports you can enjoy in areas without sharks, including paddleboarding, kayaking, and swimming.