Neptune's Rangers

Bill Vonnegut

A San Francisco Bay Area native, he has a passion for paddling and has extensive knowledge of our local coast. An ACA Level 5 Sea Kayak & L3 Surf Kayak instructor. For more or a list of upcoming kayak classes see

Tony Johnson

A designer and boat builder who loves the traditions and techniques of Greenland kayaking and use a Greenland paddle for rock gardening

Lucy O’Brien

A competitive surf kayaker who also loves rock gardening when we can drag her out of her surf boat.

Gregg Berman

ACA L5 instructor and author of numerous articles, he finds fun developing unconventional ways of piloting his kayak.

Peter Donohue

Loves paddling so much he started California Kayaker Magazine.  He is also an ACA L4 instructor who teaches/guides for UCSF and Sea Trek.

Cass Kalinski

Jimi Hendrix with a GPS and geochacherer extraordinaire, famous for putting geocaches on remote sea stacks.

Allen Shah

Has a love of the ocean, and has always been in it since moving out to the coast. Be it docenting at Fitzgerald tide pools, diving, boogie boarding, swimming or even just wandering the shorelines. His paddling credentials are his infatuation.

Tom Humphries

We found Tom out in Half Moon Bay one day, dropping in on 10ft+ waves in his longboat, getting trashed then going out for more……He had been only paddling for 8 months.
They did not make the boat he wanted, so he cut up a Greenboat and welded it back together with a full skeg system, this boat rocks in the rocks!

Anders Landin

An ACA L5 Sea Kayak & ACA Surf Kayak instructor and a long time friend of ours. He is a very skilled paddler that loves long distance ocean paddling, rock gardening, kayak surfing and river paddling.

Lily Kelsey

Lily has been our friend for a few years now. Two years ago she was knocked out of paddling for 9 months by a very large wave meeting the rocks outside if the Golden Gate, unfortunately she was in between the wave and the hard place.

In the last year we have seen her grow from an average paddler coming off an injury, to an ACA L4 instructor that teaches regular Sea Kayak and Rolling classes for California Canoe and Kayak. Poised with a solid base, she joined us on a recent 4 day Mendocino trip. Where all of us were stunned with her amazing performance rocking the rock gardens of that beautiful coast line.

Roger Smith

I love sea kayaking, period. Monterey Bay is my playground where rock, surf and coastal fun is abundant. If I’m not in the water twice a week I get cranky and my world view vignettes around me. Feeling the power and grace of the ocean below me keeps me grounded and sane.

When not building websites for a living I obsess about sea kayaking. If I’m not paddling, I’m editing videos about paddling. My work suffers, my relationships suffer…I’m obsessed…I need help…no really…someone, please help me.

My videos can be found through Neptune’s Rangers and on YouTube@rogersmithkayak


Mark Berger

As an engineer, Mark enjoys trying to figure things out. He likes analyzing the wave dynamics as they find their way through the features of our coastal rock gardens and timing his approach accordingly. Wave dynamics in rock gardens can be complicated and the best plans don’t always work as anticipated. It is always a learning experience.

Winny van Veeren

Winny has been paddling with us for a long time and is a joy to be around. She is a skilled paddler that knows how to intelligently assess her skills. While challenging herself to perfect her timing over pourovers and through slots, she sure has lots of fun tackling them. Her screams of joy and infectious laugh can be heard from afar!

Mark Boyd

We have had the good fortunate of knowing Mark for many years, enjoyed many adventures with him. One that we will always remember was in Dec 2011, when Mark and Bill climbed with their boats 800 ft up Devils slide to HWY 1. They had both been trapped inside by a sudden change of conditions.

Lately Mark has ramped up his love of photography, keeping in touch with his kayaking roots by taking amazing paddling photos from the cliffs that contour our Pacific Coast. If you have happened across some remarkable paddling photos from the greater San Francisco bay area, you have probably seen his work.

David Santaniello

David grew up kayaking on the East Coast, but it wasn’t until he moved out to California that he realized his passion for being on the water. After taking a few sea kayak classes, he was hooked and now spends his free time exploring the coast and playing in rock gardens (in addition to being super fun, you also get a great up close look at some incredible geology). He is constantly amazed at the power and movement of the dynamic water that borders the coast.

David has been lucky enough to work as a guide with Kayak Connection down in Santa Cruz and Moss Landing.While the tours don’t paddle in nearly as rough water, he has had a blast introducing beginners to the sport and has developed a new appreciation for the diverse wildlife on the California Coast.

Priscilla Schlottman

In 2013, wanting to be closer to the marine life she loves, Priscilla took up kayaking. She started off by taking an introduction to kayaking class and continued through to rock gardening. Reinforcing her skills by spending many hours on the water practicing everything she learned.

She appeared on radar as a future NR member on a day when everyone else was too busy and could not join her proposed whale watching trip. With only her strong-minded personality for company, she (still a green paddler) set off into Monterey Bay searching for and finding her big Humpback friends.

With her continuing dedication, she has become an outstanding paddler than can keep up with the best. Priscilla has recently turned her sights toward teaching with California Canoe & Kayak where we are sure she will shine as an instructor.

Neptune’s Rangers

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