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The Hazards of Filming

Awareness and Filming Risks By Bill Vonnegut In recent years, the use of action cameras like the GoPro has skyrocketed in the paddling community. We attach them to our bodies and boats so our hands are free to paddle through heat of the action. Due to the wide angle... read more

Om Mani Padme OMG!

Doing what we love doing. OMG! takes us to Mendocino, Franklin Point and Yankee Point. Captures by the NR crew and edited by Roger Smith.... read more

The O’Brien Factor

An exceptional day of rock gardening with Lucy O’Brien, Tom Humphries, Mark B. and Winny VV along the beautiful Monterey/Big Sur coast Video and editing by Roger... read more

Bad Reputation?

I tried to capture a typical day of paddling with a group of people that I know, trust and have been paddling with for years, the Neptune’s Rangers.I think this sums it up well. And turn up the You Tube resolution! Filmed and edited by Bill Vonnegut Featuring... read more

IDH – Rocking the Ages

Intermediate Disturbance Hypothesis (IDH). Rockin’ the bayz, in 2014 the NR team gathered at favorite haunts up and down the central and north coast for this video. Play spots include Pt. Bonita, Pt. Lobos, Franklin Pt. and Yankee Pt. Video footage provided by... read more

Neptune’s Madness

This year’s Neptune’s Rangers shindig in Mendocino was amazing. Always great to paddle with gang! ) I learn tons. Featuring- Roger Smith, Bill Vonnegut, Gregg Berman, Allen Shah, Lily Kelsey, Tom Humphries, Peter Donohue, Tony Johnson, Mark Berger I had... read more

Insane Fun in Mendocino

One broken GP roll, one Broken SOF, no broken people, Olga running the biggest pour over I have ever filmed!! I was not planning on filming on this Mendocino trip, but grabbed the helmet cam at the last minute in case something happened to come across my... read more

Franklin Point Rock Gardening

A few of us and some friends got together for some fun in the rocks. Featuring Allen Shah, Lucy O’Brien, Bill Vonnegut, Tony Johnson, Sergey Yechikov, Roger Schumann, Chris... read more

Lucy O’Brien running challanging pour over

Our group loves a good challenge. We try to improve ourselves by making experienced decisions and pushing our own limits to improve our skills. Sometimes it may look like boat bashing and sometimes it may look easy. But there is a little more substance behind our... read more