Impressions & review of the new Sterling Progression 

By tOM Humphries, video by Andrew Elizaga.For the last couple of years folks that don’t know any better would ask me “just what’s so special about the Sterling Reflection”. I would explain about the near endless secondary stability, the... read more

Jackson Karma RG Review

For this review by Bill Vonnegut and Lily Kelsy, we were doing coastal paddling and rock gardening. We have not had a chance to go surf it yet.

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Checking out the Epic V6 and V8 Surf Ski

Headed out with Epic expert Kenny Howell to try something new for me. Surfing on a surf ski. I found the V8 very stable and fast enough to catch even the smallest wave — Bill... read more

Liquid Logic Stinger – Rock Garden Review

by Allen Shah Recently I and Tom Humphries, had the opportunity to test a boat that is being newly marketed as an ocean rock garden competitor. The Stinger, already established as a river whitewater boat is now entering a new niche, and we are told that we are the... read more

Rock Garden Playboat Review + Video

Recently several of us (Tony Johnson, Bill Vonnegut, Allen Shah, Sergey Yechikov, Tom Humphries) did an ocean WW boat comparison at our favorite stretch of coast, Goat Rock. We compared the Fusion, Greenboat, and Hammer in a ocean whitewater environment. These three... read more

Pyranha Fusion and Goat Rock

By Bill Vonnegut For Goat Rock info, just skip to the second half of this post. The Fusion era: Small conditions, lot’s of smiles, 18 laughing paddlers, 8 with Fusions, buzzing like bees, bouncing like bumper cars and making the long boats look cumbersome. That... read more

The New P&H Hammer

My thoughts after 2 days in the Hammer by Bill Vonnegut This boat is not on the market yet, but I had a chance to take out the pre production model.                              ... read more