Play Spots

“The Cove” and Flat Rock

How many times have I headed out of Pillar Point Harbor with the intention of heading up the coast to Flat Rock, but have never made it and instead have chosen to spend hours playing less than a mile from the put in? The answer: Lots!!

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Pyranha Fusion and Goat Rock

By Bill Vonnegut For Goat Rock info, just skip to the second half of this post. The Fusion era: Small conditions, lot’s of smiles, 18 laughing paddlers, 8 with Fusions, buzzing like bees, bouncing like bumper cars and making the long boats look cumbersome. That... read more

Marin Headlands Stories & Paddling Info

Just needed some incentive:   by Bill Vonnegut Its amazing how your perspective can change over years of kayaking. What once looked like something dangerous to a person, could someday just be routine play. And you could end up making a video out of something... read more

Kayaking Sea Caves of Mendocino

This is just a sample of the endless beautiful sea caves in the Mendocino area. Featuring NR’s Tony Johnson, Bill Vonnegut, Lucy O’Brien and Gregg Berman.... read more