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IDH – Rocking the Ages

Intermediate Disturbance Hypothesis (IDH). Rockin’ the bayz, in 2014 the NR team gathered at favorite haunts up and down the central and north coast for this video. Play spots include Pt. Bonita, Pt. Lobos, Franklin Pt. and Yankee Pt. Video footage provided by... read more

Neptune’s Madness

This year’s Neptune’s Rangers shindig in Mendocino was amazing. Always great to paddle with gang! ) I learn tons. Featuring- Roger Smith, Bill Vonnegut, Gregg Berman, Allen Shah, Lily Kelsey, Tom Humphries, Peter Donohue, Tony Johnson, Mark Berger I had... read more

Jackson Karma RG Review

For this review by Bill Vonnegut and Lily Kelsy, we were doing coastal paddling and rock gardening. We have not had a chance to go surf it yet.

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“The Cove” and Flat Rock

How many times have I headed out of Pillar Point Harbor with the intention of heading up the coast to Flat Rock, but have never made it and instead have chosen to spend hours playing less than a mile from the put in? The answer: Lots!!

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Checking out the Epic V6 and V8 Surf Ski

Headed out with Epic expert Kenny Howell to try something new for me. Surfing on a surf ski. I found the V8 very stable and fast enough to catch even the smallest wave — Bill... read more

Tips On Back Surfing A Sea Kayak

by  tOM Humphries Photos by Mark Boyd Most waves this day were not big enough outside to carry to the break & impact zone, so we stayed inside the soup or in this case settled for catching short rides between the build & dumpy break, which can get tricky.... read more

Liquid Logic Stinger – Rock Garden Review

by Allen Shah Recently I and Tom Humphries, had the opportunity to test a boat that is being newly marketed as an ocean rock garden competitor. The Stinger, already established as a river whitewater boat is now entering a new niche, and we are told that we are the... read more

Complacency can get you into trouble

 Over time as our skills get better we may notice getting flipped surprised or into trouble in places that normally would not have been a problem when our skills were in the process of being pushed to a level higher than what they were presently at. We have... read more

Rock Garden Playboat Review + Video

Recently several of us (Tony Johnson, Bill Vonnegut, Allen Shah, Sergey Yechikov, Tom Humphries) did an ocean WW boat comparison at our favorite stretch of coast, Goat Rock. We compared the Fusion, Greenboat, and Hammer in a ocean whitewater environment. These three... read more