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Intro to Rock Gardening – Equipment & Conclusion

Boats There are many types of kayaks that can be used for rock gardening. My boat of choice for a trip will be determined by where I am heading and the conditions of the ocean. If it’s a mellow day, I may feel like just touring around the rocks and maybe run a small... read more

The Hazards of Filming

Awareness and Filming Risks By Bill Vonnegut In recent years, the use of action cameras like the GoPro has skyrocketed in the paddling community. We attach them to our bodies and boats so our hands are free to paddle through heat of the action. Due to the wide angle... read more

Intro to Rockgardening: Rescues and Training

By Bill Vonnegut An essential part of paddling is preparing to handle a rescue at any time and in all conditions. Accomplishing this requires proper training and practice beforehand. Yet even with appropriate preparation, doing a rescue in the heat of the moment may... read more

Om Mani Padme OMG!

Doing what we love doing. OMG! takes us to Mendocino, Franklin Point and Yankee Point. Captures by the NR crew and edited by Roger Smith.... read more

The O’Brien Factor

An exceptional day of rock gardening with Lucy O’Brien, Tom Humphries, Mark B. and Winny VV along the beautiful Monterey/Big Sur coast Video and editing by Roger... read more

What Is Rock Gardening?

The answer in this 8 part article written for Canoe & Kayak Magazine Part 1-8 by Bill Vonnegut A veteran sea kayaking instructor explains the growing sport of ocean whitewater paddling September 24, 2015 By When I mention kayaking, people generally... read more

Bad Reputation?

I tried to capture a typical day of paddling with a group of people that I know, trust and have been paddling with for years, the Neptune’s Rangers.I think this sums it up well. And turn up the You Tube resolution! Filmed and edited by Bill Vonnegut Featuring... read more

Solo kayak trips; can they make you a safer paddler?

By tOM Humphries If we’re to believe conventional wisdom, solo trips are notoriously more dangerous than trips taken with a group. This seems to be universally echoed in nearly every outdoor sport, particularly if it involves “back country” or... read more

Make Those Moves Muscle Memory

Rock Gardening Skills with Bill Vonnegut Published June 17, 2015 By By Bill Vonnegut No matter the kind of paddling you do, whether it is SUP, kayaking, or canoeing, you can always benefit from taking a day here and there to work on your form. Good form... read more

Impressions & review of the new Sterling Progression 

By tOM Humphries, video by Andrew Elizaga.For the last couple of years folks that don’t know any better would ask me “just what’s so special about the Sterling Reflection”. I would explain about the near endless secondary stability, the... read more