This year’s Neptune’s Rangers shindig in Mendocino was amazing. Always great to paddle with gang! ) I learn tons.

Featuring- Roger Smith, Bill Vonnegut, Gregg Berman, Allen Shah, Lily Kelsey, Tom Humphries, Peter Donohue, Tony Johnson, Mark Berger

I had such a great time both on- and off-water. The banter and food was top-notch, the water conditions favorable for some diverse paddling. And did I mention how beautiful Mendocino is?

This is my first video posting to NR and boy, what a blast it was shooting the footage and editing together this film.

I had a lot of great help with this including footage from Mark Boyd and his land-to-sea footage and also Mark Berger with his custom on-deck camera rig.

If you have already perused the NR video catalog head over to my YouTube channel and check out some more sea kayaking video shorts: