Our group loves a good challenge. We try to improve ourselves by making experienced decisions and pushing our own limits to improve our skills. Sometimes it may look like boat bashing and sometimes it may look easy. But there is a little more substance behind our group that you don’t see in the videos. Here is a great example of someone pushing the limit. This is a difficult run on the outskirts of Noyo Bay in Mendocino. Lucy did not make it the first time and got worked, then came back using what she learned on the first run and made it look easy.

What makes this run so tricky? A lot of amplitude is needed to clear the rock, plus it was Lucy’s first time using a WW boat in Rock Garden paddling, So she didn’t take Into account that the boat was slower than the 14.5ft Looksha Sport she was used to.

After the first run Lucy talked with us about how to improve her timing and her takeoff angle. The second run she accelerated sooner to beat the crest of the wave, and she also switched to a different approach to get more help from the current of the wave washing over the rock. The result:
A clean run over the rock and a huge air drop over the other side FUN!!